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  2. Hey guys, I'm Dustin, 33 year old Arma lover. Off the server I work as an Inspector. I inspect heavy equipment, cranes, elevators, man lifts, bridge parts etc. I inspect and certify all structural aspects and deem it safe for use, or not suitable for service and provide repair procedures. I am also currently working to obtain my red seal as a heavy duty mechanic. Before all of this, I spent many many years on a 1968 drilling rig. She was a mean old big dirty triple. The work was brutal, especially working in Canada, where I was born and raised. (Alberta) the winter night shifts would dip to the -60's. My last position held was a Derrickhand who was learning to drill by takin over the odd time on the handle. I work hard and always have, started my first job at 12 under the table cleaning car dealer lots and flyer deliveries. I came from a poor home and wanted to one day be able to buy at least some of the toys I would desire as an adult. "the woman of my dreams" and myself broke up a year ago, so ..she kept the house and I kept the dog. I bought 2 things after that that I was not "allowed" 1- I got back into the Cadillac CTS..Had an 08 years ago really enjoyed it and gt into a new one in the summer. The second was a PC! My gaming days started on counter strike beta and played until source came out. After that... it was console where I played Battlefield series and tried the latest COD's mainly just for the campaigns. In advanced warfare I competed in the diamond league and enjoyed that for a short time. My main game was battlefield.. my friends and I played it like bosses! in battlefield 5 I was in the top 10 in the world on the xbox console for tanker which was my JAM. my buddy was top 10 also for repairs. When I'm off the games I was huge into target shooting and participated in competitions/challenges. I very much enjoy growing cannabis here in Canada where it's legal. prior to legalization, In 2010 I obtained my ACMPR which is legal means of growing. I was able to grow up to 49. Of course I never grew that many as the cost of everything would just be crazy. currently I just grow one at a time. I just harvested a Royal Purple kush plant, and it yielded 14 OZ. So if you have any growing questions It's a topic I love to chat about and I have a lot of experience! I also really like to paint. I have no lessons and really suck at trying to mix colours and all the technical stuff I lack, but it's a good way to chill for me.. music on have a smoke and paint. Well, that is a little glance at my world, Cheers! Dustin