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  3. Nice work! I especially like the heli supply area with taru pods and ammo crates, great for hq-defense supply drops! New medical area is also a really nice touch. In regards to Ak's question....awesome idea!! its not like i won junko's screenshot contest for advertising or anything like that :} ...quick looking around i came accross this lil gem: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/2/1693788384130340592/ basically add the code and have the image in the proper mission folder! im no coder but it seems pretty straight forward.
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  5. Hey Costly, Thank you for your interest in becoming an I&A admin. Right now we are not looking to add another admin to the team, when the time comes if you are still interested I can contact you and arrange an interview. Cheers
  6. Hello... My name is Costly I play on the server like 5 days a week as a Medic, Pilot, Sometimes UAV Operator I enjoy playing on the server and I look forward to playing on it for Months to come. I'm applying to be admin of the Invade and annex server because I feel that i can help make peoples days a little better without them having to worry about that one dude who is ramming their helicopter at spawn or blowing up their UAVs, rotor-tapping them and to stop anyone from bullying one another. But most important help insure safe non-toxic environment for anyone who joins -Little Info About Me- Name is Marcus and I'm Canadian and currently in processing for the Armed Forces I love Arma, ARK, basically anything with aircrafts, guns or base building I have 2 years experience running and moderating ARK servers back during 2017-2019. Back then i used to help prevent griefers, cheaters and most importantly I tried my best to make peoples days enjoyable by hosting mini events every day or so to freshing things up. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my application. -Love from Canada, Costly -Info for Admins- In-Game Name: Costly First Name: Marcus Age: 20 Hours Spent on ARMA 3 / in total: 2000+hrs across two accounts How long have you been playing on the server: First joined Sept 20th of last years but didn't start playing alot and enjoying meeting everyone until 3 months ago. Reason for wanting to be admin: I enjoy being there to help others enjoy themselves and making the server a place to hang out without being judged or bullied by others. Availability: 4-5 days a week for like 6-8 hours Have you ever held an Admin/Moderator role before?: Yes on ARK Survival Evolved, I admined and Co-owned many servers. Stopped playing due to change in scenery. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ItzCosti
  7. Id like to report 19+ for abuse of power. player DMT and i had gotten into an argument over a heli crash at base, we argued and were kicked by 19+ for "clogging chat". afterwards every time i spoke, player DMT made a comment telling me to shut the fuck up. i made a response about how i was just trying to play the game and that he shouldnt get so mad and i was banned. can you explain to me what rules i broke that lead to a ban?
  8. Admin 19+ kicked me for talking to someone who i had previously argued with and refuses to explain why i was kicked. he is explicitly ignoring me in chat and refuses to talk about the kick. afterwards i made an unrelated comment to the person i was arguing with and got banned for trying to talk to the admin about my kick. wtf
  9. So i said a bad word in group chat. I thought i was pretty funny at the time but i guess i got a pretty big ban hammer for it. Not gonna repeat the word but i should been more sensitive about what i say in a public game lobby. Anyway my apologies to the admins and players for that one i will refrain from saying stuff that folks would find offensive or to far on invade and annex.
  10. Okay thank you for the response and the consideration Ak!
  11. Dalto, Thank you for applying. Some good experience I see, I'll reach out to you shortly and we can set up an interview
  12. The following changes have been made to the optional mod list. Please note, they have not been tested for compatibility errors and you use optional mods at your own risk. Added: Immerse VileHUD Arsenal Search Enhanced Missile Smoke + Lighting Efx Mod v1.4 MRB Vehicle Visibility Reduced Haze Mod v3.1 Light Blue Water Colour Mod Moved the following mods from mandatory to optional list: Align Suppress These changes will be reflected in the #wardsec-info channel of the VS Discord
  13. I have been considering being an admin on the Liberation server since I started playing regularly, everyday I procrastinate submitting an application after telling myself I will. But I feel most of the community players would want me to attempt as I am one of the most active players from 1pm-6am, so here it goes. I know exactly who is good doing what like for example CAS or driving tanks, but as I was ignored multiple times when I first started. I think to make it fair for every player who desires perms I would suggest we go off a google forum that they have to turn in with questions designed by the admins or by the community. I have an example here: https://forms.gle/1DmQ7vy8J7JqpL96A The staff and community is incredible, the amount of kindness and individuality is unique and remarkable in a liberation server. I was incredibly surprised of the lack of toxicity on the server, which made it really enjoyable to me. The Commanders are really great guys like for example Coffee is a really great guy and he tries his best, Roy resupplies base with logistics all the time and replaces vehicles that have been lost in combat. I can go on and on about how every member does his part in our community. I have experience with admiring on Arma for years. Having been moderator for ReallifeRPG server from 2013-2015 I dealt with 50 support cases a week only dealing between 2-3 perm bans a week as I preferred alternative solutions and communication. Being staff on that server was one of the best things to happen to me as I got to interact with the community more directly instead of just being a player. I own my own server and I know how to do commandline and mod manager for the server and restart it already if need be. As for the liberation server, this is the only server where I feel its relaxed and action at the same time. And one of the actual servers on Arma 3 where I felt like home playing the game and interacting with the community. I put in more than 15 hours a day on the server at the moment, I play Machine Gunner and CAS and also operate Tanks and Mortars so I literally do anything to support the team. I've done logistics for hours with Grizzly and Roy, and I've captured towns at 4am with only Seth and I. If you have any questions or doubts, get me in for a interview and I guarantee I am your guy.
  14. I figured I should make this so you can get to know me. My name is Dalton, IGN is Dalto and my steam is Nutkilla. I am 21 years old, I am from Indiana which others don't know its a state. I have been playing Arma since I was 12 years old with Arma 2 playing islandlife and RP servers. I played liberation then as well for a couple hundred hours but it never appealed to me as Arma 3 Liberation. Its more refined and less buggy, as I was playing around when it first came out. I love flying in Arma, Helicopters or CAS Jets. Not those big ass transport planes that take a year to get the control surfaces to go in the correct direction to land. when I have to ground pound, I play as infantry machine gunner providing support to my boys as they charge the enemy from the front. When I am not being a war hero, I help our guys in logistics rapidly spamming my enter key towards helicopters in hopes I dont blow our helicopters up with boxes. I worked as a helper for realifeRPG for 3 months until I was promoted to Moderator as I completed more than 50 support cases a week, I retired before they could award me admin. But I played on the server for 2 years until life told me to get a job, or maybe it was my dad. I dont remember. I also speak Spanish as my second language as my girlfriend is from Mexico, so she beats on me constantly for playing Arma.
  15. Hey. Its Pvt.Gikas First of all big thanks for taking your time to read my silly application i am not good writer but i will try. i really love to play in this server and i can say so far i been playing a year now i been meeting with many lovely people and had really lovely memories with all lovely players. The reason i am applying for being an 1 of the admin in server is i am mostly time active in game and i like to help to server much i can and have more memories with lovely community. Mostly time i play Cas/Cab or Crazy Machine gunner most knows me in this rolls i believe i play this both classes in best class can be and also i really enjoy to play both class a lot. in short way what i can say is i really wanna put so much effort in this server to help much i can and meet more lovely players in years. Some informations about me. My name is Batuhan. I am 25 years old From Cyprus but living in london for a year now studying english. thanks for taking your time to read again. Sincerely Batuhan.
  16. hey all, figured id throw this together since i think we make such a great lil community, we should be more than just game-mates. my name is max, (maxwell house coffee) im 32 and live in upstate new york. as many of our liberation regulars know, i run a beef farm that takes up most of my time. before this, i worked in manhattan building high detail architectural scale models running laser cutters, 3d printers, 5 axis cnc's and a full woodshop. i love working with my hands as well as with cad software and 3d modelling but it got to a point where i was basically stuck at a desk all day which sucks regardless of the work or money...also, manhattan is a beautiful city like no other but holy shit is it a miserable place to commute to and work in.... so i ditched that rude smelly bullshit and moved upstate to run my wife's family farm (different kind of smelly). best thing i ever did. work outdoors, work with animals and big heavy machinery, no boss, no timecard, just work hard and relax harder! as my fellow lib admins can probably attest; i dont do things halfway, i dont limit myself, if i see something can be improved, for fucks sake i will try my best to improve it. i'm not stubborn like my father...but he'll probably tell you that he's not stubborn like me. i first came to arma 3 last winter in my downtime when my wife and i bought our first house (with cable internet not satellite garbage like the farm) and actually stopped playing soon after because none of my friends are big gamers and it was just too hard (i sucked). i wanted so badly to be good enough to enjoy it that i starting building my own missions in editor (feeding my desire to design and create) and decided from there to explore the public servers. milsim was what i thought i wanted but soon realized it was too much for an amateur (with a shitty computer). i eventually found Volition Servers I&A and pretty much have been here ever since. after i got better with the game, mostly thanks to the awesome staff and regulars, i explored many other servers to see where the game would take me, often successfully but more often without satisfaction. Volition has established such a great reputation for openness and encouraging a play-as-you-like environment that i honestly dont care to look any further. i played some-what in the background for a couple months, recognizable to a few of the admins and regulars, but when i heard that AK was starting a liberation server, i was sold. I love i&a but i also enjoy milsim aspects that require a chain of command, a sense of direction and role-responsibility that is too often minimized or ignored by the run and gun of other games/game-modes (fuck cod honestly...its fun for like 5 minutes until you realize its been an hour that you'll never get back). i joined the liberation server the first day and quickly became the guy people relied on for mission planning and direction. like i said before, if im gonna do something, im gonna fuckin do it!! haha so yeah anyway now im one of the commander admins on the lib server and im looking forward to helping it become Volition's next success story ...much like i believe I&A is today. i just wish i had time to try squad
  17. OH-58 Been in service since 1969 and was replaced by the apache in its duties https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2150411766&searchtext= Surplus HMMWV options With the HMMWV being replaced with the MATV's in active service HMMWV's are being phased out and put into the surplus market that allows us to buy them for cheap, giving us cheap and effective armor with options for what type of armament we want to take for specified missions https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337128157&searchtext=HMMWV With us having successful missions looking into options for armor for future operations might be good to increase success chances of future missions.
  18. Check out the VS Podcast at: https://www.twitch.tv/volition_servers
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    Admin: Kiwi Times: 4-7 PM CST
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    Admin: Honor Time: 3 PM CST-7 PM CST
  21. This will be the desired format of every application. It does not need to be followed perfectly but it would be nice! Personal Information Name: Bertrand. Age: 15 Any other relevant info that your willing to share you can put here! Server Information - Have you managed a Squad server in the past? I haven't although I have seen how people do so, and I have taken part in a staff position previously on a small Squad Server. - Are you familiar with Squad playstyles, rules, and commands? I am fully aware of the rules, playstyles and commands that Squad entails. Application Questions - Why do you want to become an admin? I want to become part of the Squad Staff Team/Admin just so I can focus on a server and work full time. I want to find a server I can commit the most time to, as well as advertising and just generally help the community overall. I want to become apart of the Staff Team/Admin of the Squad Server because I truly love Squad and would love to attain a position on a great server to enforce server rules and help out new players. - What is your availability? Firstly, I am active and can willing put forth 4 -10 hours a day on the server every day of the week, I am responsible for my work and can peak fluent english. Moving on, I am also dedicated to my work and disciplined in order to complete all of the tasks that I have been set for me to complete. Secondly, I am humble person and easy to approach and question. I am kind hearted and am able to help anyone who requires assistance. - How would you handle situations like cheaters, lag issues, and restart requests? For cheaters, I will simply ban them immediately as that is breaking Squad TOS as well as server rules, aside from that is also setting a bad reputation for our server therefore getting rid of the cheater by banning him would be a reasonable punishment. For people who are experiencing lag I will give them solutions to try, such as restarting your PC, restarting your router, unplugging and re-plugging your Ethernet Cable etc. Hopefully one of them work, if none of them work last solution would be to phone their Internet Company. If someone were to request a server restart, depending on the reason and player base I will act accordingly. Anything else you want to add is up to you but this general format would be preferable!
  22. Contract: N/A(Altis Armed Forces) Location: Altis FOB: Carbon Enemy: FIA Supporters CO Callsign: Sandman Infantry Callsign: Chevron Air Transport Callsign: Crater CAS Callsign: Phantom July 12th, 2020 (7/12/2020) Operation: Ridgeline Operational Frequency: 92.8 Ground LR Frequency: 77.3 Air LR Frequency: 82.5 At approximately 0900, the following briefing was provided: “Welcome to FOB Carbon operatives. I finally got the contact information for the higher ups in the Altis Armed Forces. As such, welcome to Altis, hopefully a place we’ll be spending a lot of time in. The AAF are popularly known to contract PMCs regularly. That makes them a potentially valuable client to Warden Security, so be on your best behavior. For those of you that don’t know, the AAF are the federal military here on Altis and they have been in conflict with a local rebel militia known as the Federation and Independence Army or FIA. As a matter of fact, we should all be cognisant of the AAFs history with tyranny. As of now, the FIA are just a minor annoyance to our client as far as our contact has expressed. Obviously, they would like to keep it that way. The AAF and local law enforcement have noticed suspicious behavior and rising rates of crime in the designated areas of Kavala as seen on your map. Sigma, Omicron and Epsilon have been suspected as areas where the local civilians are assisting in funding the FIA or assisting them somehow. The situation is sensitive, because the AAF wants all criminals either apprehended or eliminated. Allowing potential FIA supporters to escape is unacceptable. However, preventing any hostiles from escaping would require a coordinated strike on all three areas. Such an operation would normally require a large AAF presence in Kavala, which would draw unneeded attention to their militant activity. Our client would rather risk vagrants escaping than a PR nightmare. So Warden Security has accepted the job. Here’s the mission. In an attempt to keep a low profile, our squad will insert at Kastro to the west. AAF have secured the insertion point. I have arranged two transport vans for our operation today. They are located at grid 033131 Keypad 3. Logistics was unable to suit either of the vehicles for medical utility and neither of them have extra supplies. Once set up in Kavala, your squad leader will have a plan of maneuver and execution. The mission objective is to eliminate all known hostiles located within areas Epsilon, Sigma and Omicron. While operating, identify and report any noteworthy assets for the AAF to confiscate afterwards. Under orders from our client, we will not be scavenging any supplies. When the job is done, move back to the insertion point for extraction. This should be a pretty short operation, let's be surgical. In and out. Now for formalities. Primary Objective: eliminate all known hostiles located within areas Epsilon, Sigma and Omicron. Mark any notable findings for AAF confiscation later. Operation: Ridgeline CO Callsign: Sandman Infantry Callsign: Chevron Operational Frequency: 92.8 Ground LR Frequency: 77.3 Your squad leader today will be Sgt.Sammy. Sergeant, get the operatives organized and tell them your plan. When Chevron is prepared, come see me.” Chevron established two fireteams for Operation Ridgeline. Fireteam 1 is tasked with a synchronized assault on Epsilon and Omicron whereas Fireteam 2 is tasked with a single assault on Sigma. Two vehicles have been stashed at grid 033131 for transportation once Chevron is inside Kavala. An emergency extraction point had been established at the Dump to the East of town in anticipation of foul play from the AAF. At 1030, Chevron is transported via rotary wing to the insertion point at Kastro. Transport vehicle received small arms fire from AO Sigma during return to FOB Carbon. Chevron recovered the two transport vehicles at 033131 and requisitioned the vehicles for FT1. At 1100, Chevron FT1 began maneuvering to Epsilon and Omicron. However, shortly thereafter, both vehicles were witnessed at AO Omicron. Reports suggest that a mixture of poor communication and navigation skills resulted in confusion among the FT1. Both vehicles were seen heading towards AO Epsilon, but then turned South. Chevron 1-1 took fire while heading south past AO Sigma. 1115 Operation Ridgeline Radio Transcript between Chevron 1-1 and Chevron SL and Chevron RTO: “Fire team 1, what’s your status? Are you taking fire?” - SL “Yup, but we’re good, no casualties.” - 1-1 “Have you taken enemy fire?” - SL “Yes, we did take enemy fire. Unknown from where.” - 1-1 “Alright, we believe it’s from the uh... the white four story office building poking up in the middle of uh... AO Sigma.” - SL “Alrighty, thank you.” - 1-1 “1-1, you almost ready?” - SL “Negative, we’re currently clearing an office building where we suspect we took shots.” - 1-1 “Are you guys attacking Sigma?” - SL “Negative.” - 1-1 “The office building where you took shots from is inside Sigma.” - RTO “Hey, just fuck the office building and uh… get to your AO as fast as you can. If we already took enemy fire, then they already know that we’re here. So we need to get a move on I think.” - SL “Understood.” - 1-1 “Our main objective is gonna be the AOs today, despite uh… us wanting to take those guys out.” - SL Shortly after the communication with Fireteam 1, Sgt.Sammy gave the order to attack assigned AOs at 1130. The assault began with all of FT2 attacking AO Sigma and FT1 attacking AO Omicron. Very quickly, Chevron would find that they were egregiously outnumbered by the local insurgents. When calling for a status report, Chevron SL would find that casualties were climbing and RTO was incapacitated in cover on the Western front of AO Sigma. At this point, it is established that 1-1 was aware that all of FT1 was present at Omicron when the attack began. The fight would be arduous and within half an hour, all of Chevron 1 is eliminated. One of the vehicles is never recovered, and suspected to be stolen by the enemy. After several failed attempts to make radio contact with Chevron, Sandman approved the reinsertion of another squad to finish the job. Chevron 2 takes off from FOB Carbon at 1215 and arrives at the insertion point at 1245. Chevron 2 immediately moves to make a full frontal assault on AO Sigma from the west. At 1315, a local news helicopter arrived to report on the fire fight in Kavala. Chevron 2 slowly neutralized all hostile forces within AO Sigma. 2-3 is KIA during the initial assault. Reserve 2-3 is reinserted by way of a rotary wing near the hospital east of AO Sigma shortly after Chevron 2 had neutralized the AO. Altis News Network Channel 14 caught footage of the latter half of the assault on AO Sigma and also caught footage of Chevron 2 moving on foot southbound to AO Omicron. However, while maneuvering to the next AO, a large explosion is heard in the north of Kavala at around 1445. AAF subsequently commanded the local news helicopter to exit the immediate air space. Upon approach of AO Omicron, Chevron 2 reported that Chevron 1 had evidently neutralized the AO before falling to the stragglers. Numerous remains are identified, including Fireteam 1 from Chevron 1. The remains of an IED workshop were identified in AO Omicron, although any valuable equipment had been clearly removed before Chevron 2 had arrived. At 1515, Chevron 2 arrived at AO Epsilon in the remaining transport vehicle. Upon arrival, indications of a large explosion were immediately noticeable. The AO was clearly abandoned very recently. Further investigation suggested there was once a stash of military grade weapons and explosives on the roof of a building within AO Epsilon. Presumably, the stash was intentionally destroyed to prevent confiscation. We can only assume that the enemy had escaped with a significant amount of equipment before Chevron 2 was able to arrive. At 1530, Chevron 2 confirms that AO Omicron, Sigma and Epsilon are clear of hostiles. Friendly air transport arrives to extract Chevron 2 from Kavala. At 1600, Chevron 2 is RTB. Operation Ridgeline is considered a terrible failure. During the assault on three different targets, Warden Security suffered insurmountable losses without any significant return. Chevron 2 was only able to secure AO Sigma while any useful contraband and intelligence in Omicron and Epsilon was lost. The AAF reported that a small weapons cache was found in AO Sigma, perhaps an exchange point to distribute prohibited equipment. AAF promptly expressed dissatisfaction with Warden Security’s performance. During discussions amongst command and the client, Operation Ridgeline was referred to as ‘The Kavala Fiasco’ and AAF promptly began a PR operation to influence public perception on the incident. It is understood that the AAF intends to claim that WardSec operatives in Kavala were Nato special forces operating illegally within Altis. It is expected that an investigation into ‘The Kavala Fiasco’ will likely be conducted by Nato intelligence. The following operatives attended Operation Sparrow: Sgt.Digital Sgt.Sammy Cpl.Frankie Pvt.Junko Pvt.Sausage Pvt.Survivalizer Rct.Bears Rct.Birb Rct.Syri Rct.Unite2Kill The following operatives have been promoted during Operation Ridgeline: Pvt.Junko is now a Corporal Congratulations operative. Note from Cmd.Graphix: “I worry that my operatives are disheartened and demoralized after Operation Ridgeline. However, I believe the true mistake was in accepting the contract from the AAF in the first place. Certainly we did not have the manpower to take on such a demanding objective. That being said, Fireteam 1 blatantly failed to follow orders correctly. There is a clear need for more concurrent and quality training.” END
  23. I really like how there are heli pads at main spawn (the 4 new ones) Question. those billboards, can they be made custom? for Squad and Liberation displays?
  24. Oh my! How did this fly under my radar for so long! @Ak-Mag357 and I will certainly go over all of these suggestions. Thank you very much for all the work you put in! Great quality as usual!
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