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  4. You can contact me through discord
  5. Hey turtl, Thanks for the application. Currently we are accepting, reviewing and discussing applications. We can contact you through Discord DM in case you want to hide your Email -Cheers
  6. Name- turtl Age- 19 From- Alabama Play times: any I able to play 10am- 1am Server Playtime- 7- 10 weeks (invade and annex) I would like to submit an application for a server admin position. I have a great understanding of what it means to represent a community by being a staff member. I feel that my experience and skills could help benefit the server and continue to provide a great outlook to the rest of the community here. Please contact me with any questions or concerns and I will respond promptly. Thank you for your time! Steam: turtlebait88
  7. Hey there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a wonderful job!sarkariradar.com
  8. Boolin, Hey thanks for submitting your admin application. Would be great to get interviews in this weekend. Send 19 or myself a time during the weekend that you will be available for a chat. I see you have a little office in TS so you are familiar where to meet.
  9. Name- Boolin Age- 18 From- North Carolina Server Playtime- 3 years now (invade and annex) Other Servers- KOTH,Altis Life Past Admin Role- I was a part time admin for a Rust server known as Rustoria with over 250+ players on the server at all times Goal- I would like to keep the Invade and Annex server going as long as possible, im hoping that my expertise with People will be able to keep people together and enjoy playing the server overall. i have experience with Zues and know how to fix very simple bugs in the game and help new players with any trouble they may face when first joining the server whether that be something they might experience inside or outside of the game. My past admin experience i think qualifies me for this role as i have dealt with plenty of bad/angry people in my time and try to make a server a better place for people. I hope that you take my application into consideration, even though you may not need anymore admins i can assure you that one more wont hurt
  10. Hey Contravan, Thanks for applying. We are going to keep taking applications for the next few days here and arrange a time we can sit down and chat about the position. Teamspeak is what we will be using so grab that in case you don't have that already. Cheers!
  11. Hello! Thanks for giving this a read, I've been told some positions for admin were opening up on the I&A server, so here's what I have to offer, and some background on myself. To start things off, I've been playing VS in Arma 3 since the day I joined and have constantly played for quite some years. Most of the time I find myself piloting helicopters/planes, operating UAV, or directing teams on the ground during firefights when it comes to the actual game. Most importantly, for this position, I can provide some background into roles I've held on other servers, and in real life. Some decent examples would be moderating my former Old School Runescape discord and with it all the events we held in game and the facebook group as well; which includes over 1k+ players, I've helped develop and troubleshoot issues involved with making private servers, used to run a roleplaying forum some time back and sold it to a friend a few years back, and outside of the gaming realm, I've worked in management for a healthy number of years and actually enjoy problem solving. Most importantly though, what can I do for VS? Why would you want to pick me as admin? The reasons I'd give you would be that: Due to my longevity on the server my name is well known among most players and they know if they have any issues they can always ask me how to fix it Anyone who's spoken to me knows that I am patient, understanding, and like to think of situations from multiple angles. Language barriers/accents are no obstacle for me, there's always a solution to a problem even if it has to be simplified I work very well under pressure, and it's in fact where I strive. My sort of specialty is deescalating situations and returning them to a state where the people arguing can now get along or co-exist I understand Arma 3's issues/bugs and likewise with Quicksilver's mission file we use for I&A, there is no denying there's issues and bugs with it, but I do know how to fix most of them for players I already know the entire staff and have been, and still am on great terms with all of them and their roles, and their ability to perform certain actions, aswell as the chain of command within VS I don't want to fill up the page with myself telling you how great I am, I would highly encourage you ask the regulars and anyone else on the server about me, because that's where the real opinions are. Beside all of that, here's some general information about myself IGN: Contravan Real name: Michael Age: 23 Time/Location: EST, Georgia, USA Hours in game: 1000+ Availability: Mon-Sun/Usually around 3pm-6am SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124798797/ Discord Handle: Contravan#4316 I'm also in the VS discord, under the name Contravan. If you were interested in my application, and would like to talk about it more that would be the best place to contact me, I feel talking face to face gives a better impression of who I am, and my personality. But until then cheers!
  12. Hello @Bertrand Henley Thank you for applying, please let me know (Honor#4672) when you are available for an interview through Discord!
  13. Hello @Mike NewellThank you for applying, please let me know (Honor#4672) when you are available for an interview through Discord!
  14. Personal Information Name: Dangermay Age: 25 Server Information - Have you managed a Squad server in the past? Not a Squad server but I have managed numerous Arma 2 & 3 servers aswell as CSGO, CSS, GMOD, GTAVRP, and World of Warcraft private servers - Are you familiar with Squad playstyles, rules, and commands? Yes I am. Application Questions - Why do you want to become an admin? To help this community grow and keep the chaos to a minimum - What is your availability? Just about everynight after 7pm EST - How would you handle situations like cheaters, lag issues, and restart requests? I would verify the issue that is reported, if it is found that there is a cheater, they would be permabanned, for a lag issue I would verify if it is just the one person lagging or the server itself then perform a restart after a 5 min warning(same for a restart request depending on the issue)
  15. Nice work! I especially like the heli supply area with taru pods and ammo crates, great for hq-defense supply drops! New medical area is also a really nice touch. In regards to Ak's question....awesome idea!! its not like i won junko's screenshot contest for advertising or anything like that :} ...quick looking around i came accross this lil gem: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/2/1693788384130340592/ basically add the code and have the image in the proper mission folder! im no coder but it seems pretty straight forward.
  16. Hey Costly, Thank you for your interest in becoming an I&A admin. Right now we are not looking to add another admin to the team, when the time comes if you are still interested I can contact you and arrange an interview. Cheers
  17. Hello... My name is Costly I play on the server like 5 days a week as a Medic, Pilot, Sometimes UAV Operator I enjoy playing on the server and I look forward to playing on it for Months to come. I'm applying to be admin of the Invade and annex server because I feel that i can help make peoples days a little better without them having to worry about that one dude who is ramming their helicopter at spawn or blowing up their UAVs, rotor-tapping them and to stop anyone from bullying one another. But most important help insure safe non-toxic environment for anyone who joins -Little Info About Me- Name is Marcus and I'm Canadian and currently in processing for the Armed Forces I love Arma, ARK, basically anything with aircrafts, guns or base building I have 2 years experience running and moderating ARK servers back during 2017-2019. Back then i used to help prevent griefers, cheaters and most importantly I tried my best to make peoples days enjoyable by hosting mini events every day or so to freshing things up. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my application. -Love from Canada, Costly -Info for Admins- In-Game Name: Costly First Name: Marcus Age: 20 Hours Spent on ARMA 3 / in total: 2000+hrs across two accounts How long have you been playing on the server: First joined Sept 20th of last years but didn't start playing alot and enjoying meeting everyone until 3 months ago. Reason for wanting to be admin: I enjoy being there to help others enjoy themselves and making the server a place to hang out without being judged or bullied by others. Availability: 4-5 days a week for like 6-8 hours Have you ever held an Admin/Moderator role before?: Yes on ARK Survival Evolved, I admined and Co-owned many servers. Stopped playing due to change in scenery. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ItzCosti
  18. Id like to report 19+ for abuse of power. player DMT and i had gotten into an argument over a heli crash at base, we argued and were kicked by 19+ for "clogging chat". afterwards every time i spoke, player DMT made a comment telling me to shut the fuck up. i made a response about how i was just trying to play the game and that he shouldnt get so mad and i was banned. can you explain to me what rules i broke that lead to a ban?
  19. Admin 19+ kicked me for talking to someone who i had previously argued with and refuses to explain why i was kicked. he is explicitly ignoring me in chat and refuses to talk about the kick. afterwards i made an unrelated comment to the person i was arguing with and got banned for trying to talk to the admin about my kick. wtf
  20. So i said a bad word in group chat. I thought i was pretty funny at the time but i guess i got a pretty big ban hammer for it. Not gonna repeat the word but i should been more sensitive about what i say in a public game lobby. Anyway my apologies to the admins and players for that one i will refrain from saying stuff that folks would find offensive or to far on invade and annex.
  21. Okay thank you for the response and the consideration Ak!
  22. Dalto, Thank you for applying. Some good experience I see, I'll reach out to you shortly and we can set up an interview
  23. The following changes have been made to the optional mod list. Please note, they have not been tested for compatibility errors and you use optional mods at your own risk. Added: Immerse VileHUD Arsenal Search Enhanced Missile Smoke + Lighting Efx Mod v1.4 MRB Vehicle Visibility Reduced Haze Mod v3.1 Light Blue Water Colour Mod Moved the following mods from mandatory to optional list: Align Suppress These changes will be reflected in the #wardsec-info channel of the VS Discord
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